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Where to Buy Chipotle Gift Cards

Surprisingly, it is very hard to answer the question where to buy Chipotle gift cards. All the regular methods that you can easily to buy discounted gift cards of many other retailers, don’t work in the case of Chipotle.

Gift Card Trading Sites

Both CardPool and PlasticJungle have specialized pages that display their currently available Chipotle gift cards. It’s always worth checking out, because when these are available, they are sold at discounted rates of about 10%. Keep in mind that since these are hard to come by, more often than not you’ll have to sign up for the wish list and wait for notifications when new cards become available.


eBay’s selection constantly changes, so when you’re struggling to find where to buy Chipotle gift cards, this is one place that is always worth checking. However, don’t get your hopes up, because usually there is little to no Chipotle gift card selection there.

Official Chipotle Site

While most restaurants have order form and online payment options for their gift cards, Chipotle does not. It will only accept your order if you’re looking to make a bulk purchase of over 25 cards. If this is the case, you can call the following number: 866.659.6922 and place your order.

Free Chipotle Gift Card

While this is one of the more complicated ways to get one, you can apply to get a free Chipotle gift card. In order to get your card, you will be required to “complete offers”. These offers vary in some might require you to sellout forms, sample products or buy low-cost items. It is important to check what you will be required to do before you start wasting your time and efforts on getting a free card.

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