Turn Gift Card Into Cash

Unused Gift Cards? Cash Them In.

Turn gift card into cash and get paid by PayPal.

The only site currently offering you the ability to turn your gift card into PayPal money is PlasticJungle.

Most gift card exchange sites offer the option of getting back a cashier’s check for unused gift cards. But increased competition (and new competitors joining the gift card trading arena on a weekly basis) has gotten the main sites to think differently. It’s no longer just how much cash you will get for your card. It’s also how quickly and in what way.

PlasticJungle is giving you the option to turn gift card into Paypal. With a selected number of gift cards, you can also get the money deposited into your Paypal account within minutes of completing the transaction. To see if your card is eligible, click on PlasticJungle – Get Offer.

Why Turn gift Card into Paypal instead of Cash?

If you are using Paypal to pay for your online shopping, then you are already aware of the benefits of this payment method. Typing your email and a password is much less time consuming than pulling out your credit card and typing in all of the different numbers required for a credit card transaction to go through.

If, on the other hand, you don’t do a lot of online shopping, and you want the money in your bank account, then using Paypal is simply a matter of convenience. Once you have the money for your gift card deposited into your Paypal account, you can withdraw the funds into your bank account (there are no commissions for this withdrawal if you are in the U.S). An alternative to this is withdrawing the money to one of your credit cards, so you can pay less out of your own pocket for your credit card shopping.

Turn Gift Card into Paypal – An Alternative Method

So we’ve discussed the option of using PlasticJungle. But until more gift card exchangers join the game, here are a couple of other ways you can use to turn gift card into Paypal money, if you can’t use PlasticJungle or just want to get more for your card.

eBay. Paypal is eBay’s original payment form, it began as a service for eBayers, so all you have to do is list your gift card on eBay (don’t forget to use an eBay fee calculator to determine how much money you will actually get after both eBay’s and Paypal’s commissions are deducted) and set the payment method to “Paypal”. You can also write within the listing itself “I only accept Paypal”, to make sure that potential buyers will know that this is the payment method that is available to them. eBay actually insists that every site member will have a Paypal account, so this is by far the easiest place to find people who will pay using Paypal.

Turn Gift Card into PayPal – Recommended Safety Measures

You can of course post your listing on a variety of other places online (like Facebook’s marketplace, Craigslist or a gift card exchange forum), but this includes a higher level of risk. Some buyers will get your card, pay you with Paypal and will then open a “Paypal dispute” in hopes to get their money back. If you are opting to sell your card using this method, try to screen buyers based on your personal feeling or better yet, choose a marketplace that rates its buyers and sellers with a feedback system, and sell your card to a buyer that has a good feedback.

Paypal’s protection policy allows any buyer (or seller) to open a dispute long after the initial transaction was made, so keep records of shipping slips, correspondence with the buyer (preferably one that includes a statement from the buyer that he or she have received the card) and anything else that can help you prove your claim, if required.

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